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So.. I'm in bed here at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa, in a swim suit and black fur coat (funny'ish story there) and am mere minutes from turning 41.  Minus a rib being out of place, I thought this would be the perfect day to publish this blog I've been contemplating starting for the last.. um, well.......  years.

For nothing more than to just have some fun and get some (positive) interaction with you, I am jumping into the blogging world.  Writing is something I've always enjoyed doing but never do... besides, who's interested in reading what I have to say?  Well, it turns out a lot of my friends think this is right up my alley and have encouraged me to do this.  And one other person, who I'll talk about about in the coming blogs.  I don't know the proper format or etiquette (if there is one) but I really don't care either.  I'm a tired perfectionist and am ready to cannon ball my ass in and just have some fun... but most of all, I just want to BE MYSELF.  Whoever that may be.  I'm currently in counseling figuring some things out...


What I DO know is I am born + raised a proud Dallas, Texan.  I married a Cincinnati man and for the last 6'ish years we have been living life in Tampa Bay.  At 40 and after 11 years of marriage, we welcomed Miss Willow Rose into our world.  Life has taken a new twist with this beautiful lil babe who really has turned our world upside down; in the most magical, psychotic ways possible.  And you'll read all about it in this fab lil blog focused on my favorite f words.. FOOD, FORTY...ish, FABULOUS, and of course F*CK (that's my attempt at keeping it classy).  But really, wtf + fml comes outta my mouth on the daily.  So yea, laugh with me or laugh at me this is the place to do it.


So, enjoy this blog.  I hope you can feel my sense of humor in it all.  If you know me, I love to laugh and just want everyone to be happy.  Life can be hard at times, but I want to highlight the happy in it all.  Not saying all my posts will be Mr. Rogers-like, because life is life and sometimes it's not pretty.  But, I try my hardest to roll with those punches and just laugh at it all.  I mean, why the hell not.. right!


See you when I see you,


*Disclaimer:  My memory is not the greatest so as these blogs unfold, they are told from how I remember them.  Some names have been changed to protect the innocent, and by innocent, I mean guilty as f*ck.

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