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eat a (fucking) cupcake

No seriously, please eat one of mine!

I can’t remember when I started baking cupcakes but it’s been some years now. I specifically remember baking them with my niece when she’d come visit us in Cincinnati starting back in 2010.

And today I am talking to a someone about a possible partnership. Say what! Now y’all know I love food, that's why it is one of my favorite f words, if not my absolute favorite. But as much as I love to bake, I'm just not a sweet person. I'd have a slice or two and then throw it out, but I hate wasting food....

light-bulb moment

Cupcakes...duh. I get my sweet fix and then I get to take the rest to whoever else is a cupcake connoisseur. My favorite pizza place here in Indian Rocks Beach, Slyce Pizza Bar, had just opened up. Being a foodie, especially a pizza lover, this place honestly became my home away from home. And lucky for me, the staff became some of my framily. I remember bringing the extra cupcakes to the staff, and soon enough I'd have some ask if I made any... which prompted me to make more. Those beginning cakes were French Toast with fresh bacon, gooey maple syrup atop a homemade cream cheese topping. So. Damn. Good.

And I continue to make them. Now having a daughter, I really look forward to the days where we can bake in the kitchen together. I have visions of cupcake + lemonade stands out front our home. I want to show Willow entrepreneurship and also how to give back. I want to find some local non-profits and give back to our community, maybe eventually a lil savings for Miss Willow even. I'm open to any ideas of how to get more of my product out there and thought what better place to start than online, this blog, Instagram and talking to my friends.

So with that being said, dear friends.... I would like to share my cupcakes with you! I am wanting to donating to any charity event or fund-raising event, any tea party or birthday. I am definitely willing to pro-bono my cakes for the time being. I just love it and want to see where I can take this. I do and have envisioned for quiet some time now, my own store... where the champagne flows and pretty lil cupcakes + other noms can be savored, with Golden Girls, Sex and the City, or just killer jams playing.

But you gotta start somewhere.

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