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have you ever faked it?

I have.. and it felt so good.

And no, I'm not talking about what you're thinking. I actually faked being sick once so I could have one more day of rest/me time while my husband took care of our babe.

Yup. I sure did.

I never told my husband and he doesn't read this so he'll never know... not that I wouldn't tell him. He actually just told me he could've worked from home more in the first year (when I really needed him) but that he didn't like working from home so he didn't. That's another story.... and why I now don't feel bad for my fake out at all.

Now some of you know that I have been super sick these last few days thanks to my daughter's new life of pre-k. It's been two months of pure non-sense and for four days this last week, I was sick as a dog. Which made me think of this one time last year.

Last year I was sick and holed up in that lady cave I mentioned. Luckily it was a weekend so J was home; it was a Saturday actually. I was in bed all day, just sick... Sick yet very comfortable. I had a candle lit, was binge watching something, I think The Americans on FX, and it was honestly quite nice. Although nice, it was hard to hear the pitter- patter of Willow's delicious lil feet running in our home with the sweetest of giggles and knowing I couldn't go out to see her or hug and kiss on her.... but we all know, especially in the beginning years, we don't get much of a break much less a day off or even a day of laying in bed, binge watching, reading, eating or whatever... but just having time to yourself. Even though I was sick, I was embracing it. Which reminds me of Kristen Bell in Bad Moms who said she dreamed of getting into an accident that landed her in a hospital for two weeks so she could have a break... uhh, right there with you K.Bell

So yea, the next day when I woke up feeling better, I didn't exactly let the fam know. I don't know... I just thought, when am I going to have this opportunity again or at least in the near future get this kind of a break. It's the weekend, he's home so I have coverage and really, I've stayed home with her for so long while he was working, it'll be good for them to have this daddy/daughter time together.

So, I faked it. And it was fabulous.

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