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i'm living in psychoville and ray finkle in not the mayor

My toddler is.

Yea, I caught that rolling off my tongue last week while trying to maneuver the morning toddler routine and a chat with a girlfriend. If you're a parent or have been a parent to a toddler, you know life can go from the most magical of moments, to a shit show in .01 second.

Not that that moment was a 'shit show' but...

Last week, I had such a great night's sleep. It was so good, I woke a bit dazed and confused, just kinda groggy really. But I was just so appreciative of having had a good night's sleep, I figured... "coffee, strong, I'll be good." I really wasn't ready for that 'get up and go' of the morning hustle, but I woke to the sound of our daughter saying "Hey Mommie... Hey Mommie" and it was pure bliss.

Key word was.

Not ten minutes later, all I did was ask her to shut the front door. And here's a shocker... she didn't want to. After a few (adorable) 'no Mommy' with her lil pointer finger in the air (again, sofa king cute), I picked her up sweet ass up, set her inside and shut the door. Guess who threw a fit?

Yea, not me...

Like I said, I was having my morning "Concealer Chronicles" with my gal Elyse out in Jacksonville. We Marco Polo every morning and talk about life as we now know it... toddlers, tantrums and then some. So she gets what was happening with Willow, and as I was trying to have a convo with her and manage Willow's fit, I caught myself saying... "I'm living in psychoville and Ray Finkle is not the Mayor. My toddler is."

I'm a movie and music fan and often live in lyrics... if you know Ace Ventura, you know where that came from. What a great scene too.

Ace Ventura: "Hi, I'm looking for Ray Finkle.

[a shotgun cocks and is pointed at his head]

... and a clean pair of shorts."

Anyways, here's to all the parents out there with their children, the morning routines and those .01 turnarounds. I mean the great thing about kids, is you really can turn them around to smiles in almost no time.. But man that .01 crazy at times.

Parenthood, (shaking my head)... they did not teach this in school.

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