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i'm so annoying

I am.

I've been wanting to, or really, just have had this lingering thought of this 'blog' since ummm, I don't know.... 2010. When we relocated (45 min) to downtown Cincinnati, we got this truly fabulous loft in downtown. I worked two blocks over and my friend owned (and still does) the most fab hole in the wall in between... you could actually see her place from my couch. It was so much, I was Sam in the city. This was an easy play on words because this was the time Sex and the City was so popular and the first movie had come out.... and here we are in 2019 and this is the name of my blog and I've had so many ideas for it ever since Cincy.

Fast forward to the present'ish.... me finally publishing my blog late December and was SO excited to do this!

.... but

In true Sam form, I published the blog and haven't done a damn thing with it since. To be fair, my babe just turned two at the beginning of February so basically when Christmas, my birthday + New Years is over, I start getting ready for her party. Coupled with her birthday which was a trip to Disney (possible blog about that b/c the place we stayed at was ah-maze-ing), our babe was starting preschool. So as much as I rolled my eyes + sighed at damn myself for starting the blog and not writing, I told myself, "as soon as she starts school"

So guess what ya'll... it's time to write. I don't know how often I'll write, but I have so many (fun) ideas, SO many. I am swimming in thoughts which is why I'm using this platform, to get it all the f out. I truly think this could be a place for me to figure some life out and/or just clear my head. I think writing could be the key to cure my crazy. Maybe.

We'll find out....

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