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it's really quite simple

So I love the magazine, Real Simple. It is or could be a daily bible for me.

I love it so much. I rip certain articles/pages out and file them to keep. Honestly, it's a big part of why I wanted to do this blog. They just provide so much [great] info about life in general. I feel it's material/information that could lay out a foundation for me on how I want to move forward in life and live. You know, incorporating healthier activities in my family's life, me becoming financially savvier, me becoming healthier, wanting to cook more meals but wondering where to find easy ones... And with many conversations with you guys and others, I feel this is something you would love too. It's like, truly making life more simple. simpler.. you know what i mean. How bout we say it like it is... it's making life real simple.

I wanted to start off my Real Simple conversation with a financial'ish one. One that talked about where [the hell] to buy stuff that's the most cost effective. It compares grocery stores to Target and Walmart, to Costco and Sam's and of course, to the almighty Amazon (I love you Jeff Bezos) and gives us an idea of the best place to buy what at each. Which I really could use. Between diapers + wipes, Honest juice boxes, paper plates, supplies to clean and stock the Airbnb, and so on... I feel like I could be more cost effective. I want to be. And apparently I can be... but I can't find the damn article. I swear for as organized as I am, I seem to not be able to find things when I need them. small sigh

While on the search for that piece, I came across two others that had the same topic. When I first saw these articles, they made me happy for my future to come and I just think this is a great one to start off with since the kiddos headed back to school this week.

So, coming soon, are two fun ways to turn your kids art work into something other than a pile of your kid's artwork. Just think.... Christmas gifts too.

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