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i'm no mom-pro here

But I like to think that I come up with savvy ways to do things. Not just in motherhood but especially now in motherhood. I have to find easy ways to do the things because the monotony is about to suck the life out of me.... the dishes, the bills, the keeping another human alive, and the little human that tears up your house in 60 seconds flat.... Just typing this and thinking about those chaotic moments, I sigh and exhale 'fuck' to myself... because it is a lot. Or keeping with 'optimism', it can be a lot. Basically when i'm awake, it's a lot.

So in the middle of all my (beautiful) madness, I've made sure to to find a space just for me. And this is my first tip to you...

lady cave

Luckily we have a guest room in the back of the main house and I have made it my lady cave. It's quite nice actually... not like fancy nice, but it's mine nice. Unfortunately our master closet is so small that my husband just has his clothes in it and all my clothes ended up back there. Plus with all those sleepless pregnancy nights, I slept back there a ton too.... so yea, I claim it to be my lady space. And I love it. There is just something so nice about having your own space.

A piece of perfection that I added to my ladycave is I bought an Echo dot from the almighty #Amazon and have that at my desk. Daily tell that b to play meditation or spa sounds, or Mr Bob Marley... just something zen. And I tell you what, when I step into that room, it is almost instant relaxation. It truly is separation from the madness that is the rest of our home, because it's also a room that we've deemed 'no kids allowed' so it truly is a space that is my own. For now.

If you don't have another room to set up shop for your LC then find one, any kind of space! Take a half bath and make it yours... take a closet and put some photos up in it, hang some lights, get some tiny lil corkboards and set up a lil vision board... just have some kind of space. The relief I find in having my own space is priceless. Which is why I wanted to share this... which is funny because at this point, I don't think anyone is even reading this blog.

For now.

Any idea who's cave that is below? First one to message me with the right answer wins a lil somethin somethin. *Hint, it's fabulous ;)

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