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anyone (else) into AIRBNB

So, when we found out we were pregnant we moved from apartment living in downtown and bought a house 3 miles away. The house we bought fit us perfectly for so many reasons. Especially having a detached mother-in-law suite. Being that both of our families live out of state, this was the perfect scenario. After a friend visited earlier this year, she suggested we Airbnb it. So Mid-March I created our listing, opening up our home within that week... and we thought, let's just see what happens.

To date (12/28/18), I've hosted 50+ families from THREE different countries. It has been freakin fabulous. My first guest was in from New Zealand... in town to buy a sail boat, no big deal. One of my most memorable was a couple who adopted a baby and three days after this sweet baby was born, they were at our bnb and stayed for a week. It was truly a touching moment, and I was so happy to be such a small part of that. I had a super local in between leases who stayed for two weeks and by far does he have the COOLest dog I ever did meet, Gator. That's the other fun thing, fur babies are welcomed and I have many that bring them here to stay. For me, it's been so fulfilling. We don't have family around us so this unique way of living is bringing some life back into ours, or mine. My husband doesn't get too involved in it.. this is my jam.

I never thought Airbnb would take off like it did, that I would meet people from alllll over the world, and that I could make money doing it. Now I can't even imagine not running it... damn life would be boring.

Any fun places you've bnb'd?

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