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summer break

That's what we'll call this last month's (ok month'ish) hiatus of me being ummmm, yea not on here writing. You know, the mother-in-law came for a visit, and two days after she left we flew to Dallas for my Grandpa's 90th birthday. Then back home and back to life plus more shenanigans.

But I forgot to mention... Our house is now for sale. It has been for three months now.

Yea... how much fun is keeping a house clean without a toddler, much less with one? Not fun, right. But to have your house for sale and the pressure to always have it clean.... yea, well, it's a little cray cray. Luckily we've managed to slide two Orlando trips in just this last month which helps balance out the psycho of it all.

But I'm having a lot of conversations on the side, doing some extra research and have so many topics I want to talk about.

First, I want to know... have any of you tried selling your home with a toddler? I am one that likes or rather thrivesss on having a clean, organized but functional home. Having a kid has killed that vibe.... but I am embracing the chaos. Or trying to. Luckily I just did some listing photos for some homes for sale and those sellers had kids too. And I saw alllllllllll the things shoved into their closets. So as long as these potential buyers don't go opening all my drawers or doors, our little seller secret could maybe stay a secret. I mean, I hate to throw things in a closet, but with this move, sometimes I just have to. I' am Marie Kondo'ing like a mother, plus I've recently discovered #Poshmark and am trying to sell some things on there. Look I'm all about giving and donating but I'm also about making that cash. Since I haven't been 'working, working' I've been finding this new way to feng shui and make some money pretty rad.

So if any of you have any tips, I'm open to organizing/keeping a home clean while selling said home, I'm looking for websites to sell items like clothes, shoes, electronics, dvds, all my husband's Bengals shirts. Just kidding, no one would buy those.... haha. It's funny because it's true.


Y'all be good, enjoy this beautiful new season and see you when I see you.

sidenote: One of those visits with family will have to be a chapter in my book one day. I can't even begin...

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