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the best thing i ever did for myself

So maybe it's not the best thing I ever did but it sure is up there.

I was a new momma, I was turning 40, and I was tired AF. But I wanted to embrace this new decade... I wanted to embrace being a 40 year old woman, I wanted to embrace being a new mom and in that, I just wanted to start presenting myself in a better light with some refined etiquette, with my demeanor, and I wanted to started putting some effort into myself again. I'm loving that we're living in a time of 'self care' because let me tell you, it could not come at a better time.

Then I remembered my husband bought me a make up lesson one year while living in Cincinnati. I loved it then and thought what perfect timing now. It just so happens that one of my fabulous girlfriends is an aesthetician here in Tampa and takes care of a few of my beauty needs.. so I booked her for a make-up lesson. Not only is she annoyingly gorgeous, she's a momma to a toddler and gets being mom tired, gets not wanting to have to get ready, not having the energy to get ready... I mean, I could go on and on because there are so many reasons why I don't give a rats ass to put on make-up some days... even before baby if I'm being honest.

So yea, I brought all the make up I wear or wanted to wear, my brushes, and of course, I brought me some champagne. [Sidenote, most places like spas, pedicure places, hair salons, etc. allow for outside alcohol to be brought in. I highly suggest you do so] ... So anyways, I told Nichole what I go for in my look and based on my make-up she applied half my face and with each step in the application process, I mirrored her to my other side. I'm not a huge girlie girl, meaning in this respect that I'm not that into make up. Contour what? Highlight where? Yea, I didn't know the basics. But I do now and it's ah-mazing. I think we can all agree that we feel better, or I do, when I am put together... and little bit of make up goes a long way some days. It can lift my spirits when I feel like shit... because, well, I don't look like it.

After she showed me how to do apply everything, I did have the 'let's be real' talk, getting the quick + easy tips on how to put my mug together in 5 min or less. I must say, every time now that I am rushed to pull myself together, which is every day, I truly do think of this lesson and how rad it rocks to have learned how to look pretty damn decent in a flash. For the sake of this blog I timed myself this am on how long it took, and it was 4 min 26 second to make myself public ready.


A make-up lesson is not anything I ever would've thought to do for myself and honestly, I can't even believe to this day that my husband thought to do that. But I am so happy he did. I would encourage you women to do the same... and if you do, tell me about it! If you live in the Bay, my friend's info is below. Tell her Sam sent ya... and have so much fun. You deserve it! And if we all have to look at each other, let's at least give us all something nice to look at ;)

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