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so i'm clear, i don't have to shave?

Ladies and some you gents out there, have I got great news for you. I recently got a pedicure and as I rolled up my pant legs, I small gulped-swallowed and murmured an "I'm sorry my legs aren't freshly shaved". But guess what, my guy Bennie (over at Venus Nails off Dale Mabry and 275) said it's actually better if you don't shave your legs before the pedicure.

Say what?

Yup... he said that if you shave and cut yourself and then come in, you risk getting an infection. How high that chance is, I'm not sure... but all I know, is I won't be doing the side of the tub quick shave maneuver just to have some dignity when I go get my feet rubbed on.

Not unhappy news, am I right ladies?! Anyways, thought that was share worthy. But just do the world a favor... wear pants that day. The spa may not mind but I'm sure the rest of us would rather look at them pretty toes and not the hairy leggies. Just sayin.

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