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it's not covid, it's cannabis

So... I've picked up a few copies of Cannabliss, a magazine I find at Walgreens, and have found it to be a really enjoyable read. June/July issue of 2020 has an article titled 'Keep Calm & Carry On', talking of the Covid world we are (temporarily?) living in and how cannabis is one thing that we can rely on.

Can I just say.... I agree.

In the article's pages, there is a box (pg 21) titled 'FLATTEN THE CURVE The cannabis lover's guide to defeating the coronavirus.' While most of what the article says what we all know, social distancing, washing hands, and don't puff-puff-pass, I thought this was interesting...

(insert Oprah voice and cheer arms) ..... BREAK OUT THE EDIBLESSSS!

But really, that's what it says, break out the edibles. Because, shocker, inhaling hot smoke is not a good idea when fighting a cold, flu or virus. They suggested just trying a gummy, a brownie or some tincture.

Tinctures are great! You can ingest by either placing under the tongue, adding to some tea or hot water with lemon, apple cider vinegar, honey, whatever you want. You can add the tincture to a salad even, think about drizzling some over the greens along with some olive oil, fresh lemon and a good amount of pepper and salt. Brownies are great, but obv not the healthiest. Gummies are good, if you can get your hands on some or know how to make em. I've attempted once and it was just mush... and wasted cannabis. Lesson learned.

Lately I'm into making what I like to call, Good Nite Sams... Ghirardelli infused chocolate bites of love. Such a delicious lil treat before bed with a glass of wine or tea, and even in the am with a gorgeous cup of coffee. Because, even for me, the smoke can be just a bit too harsh, and lately it has been. So yea, edibles baby.

I'll be posting the recipe for my Good Nite Sams on the blog soon. Also note, Cannablis brings some other great canna awesomeness like canna-games, canna-style with some pretty fab items. And something I love in this particular issue, Cannabliss brings us 8 Great Strains for Anxiety... so stayed tuned for all that goodness.

And wash your hands ya filthy animals.

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