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my 'new' favorite f word

I haven't been honest with you as much as I have wanted to be. Because one of my favorite f words isn't listed on here. For some, it could be a lil controversial and because I am a mother, I feel it more 'controversial'. Especially, especially to those that don't get it. That don't live in the world of Sam. After all, it's easy to judge when you're not in someone else's shoes.... or so they say.

Sooo... fuck it. I'm adding my new favorite f word to the group and I'm going to start openly'ish talking about it. Because I do have so many conversations on it, with friends, strangers, doctors... and now you.

FLOWER ... flower is my new favorite f word. And I'm not talking about roses and baby's breath. I'm talking about Cannabis. Marijuana. Pot. Weed. Dope. Grass. Mary Jane. And technically it's not new to me, we've been friends for quite some time. Now having my medical card and the plethora of information I am getting is so amazing I have felt like I have to share, I want to share. So I am.

If you know me, you know I'm kinda an open book. And as open as I am, people feel comfortable asking me about it. They ask me about it for their 18 year old with ADHD, they ask me about it for family/friends that have cancer and can't eat or sleep, they ask me about it for anxiety, or for pain that they are in that has occurred from an injury or trauma even. I've said it before on here, I live in pain from and injury and unfortunately from some trauma and both have brought about some anxiety. Beautifully, both can be treated by cannabis. And not just cannabis, CBD too.

Look, I'm not just talking about rolling joints or bong hits and being on the couch 'dazed and confused'. I'm talking about utilizing CBD and/or cannabis to help alleviate pains that you are in. Physical, mental or emotional pains. I'm talking about tincture that is an oral form of ingesting cannabis, there are inhalers with THC, CBD or a mix of both. I've had mints that are infused, transdermal patches that micro-dose every hour for 72 hours. There are so many options for those that really want to try something else besides a pill, but because they can't ingest smoke, they haven't.

So stay tuned... I'm going to cover all things flower. Cooking it, decarbing it, how to make butter, what it's good for, negative effects, if you're too high, how to balance it out... everything! It's going to be fabulous.

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